We can operate your association's organizational and day-to-day activities. KDA's full service approach is unique in this field and has proven successful for KDA state and national association clients.


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Our network of relationships reaches every level of government including members of the Legislature, the Executive office, and top administrators of various state departments and agencies. The KDA approach to lobbying stands out amongst the competition in Lansing.


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Kindsvatter, Dalling and Associates (KDA) is a strategically driven governmental relations and association management firm with a seasoned professional staff whose primary goal is providing clients with business management services and legislative representation at the state and national level.



KDA can operate your association organizational and day-to-day activities. KDA handles a multitude of tasks on behalf of our industry association clients. KDA manages the data bases, finances, board meetings, member meetings, education seminars and conventions of many of our clients. We offer experienced, highly professional staff for any and all of the normal functions and needs of organizations that conduct business on behalf of their industry, under the leadership of industry volunteers on the board and in the committees. KDA works with association members to fulfill the full range of selected programs to suit their industry needs.


What makes KDA different than our competitors?


KDA believes in a philosophy, that we can only be effective if we have earned a close, personal trust and relationship with you. This is demonstrated in our team approach to association management. Many firms provide associations with one staff person who handles all association functions. KDA provides its entire association management team for every client with each staffer being responsible for their area of expertise. This provides a better product for our clients as experts are handling every aspect of your association’s affairs.


Finally, KDA seeks clients that want their association to grow, innovate, and take the next step in the level of services they are providing its membership. KDA doesn’t want to just manage your affairs. KDA wants to integrate into your association and help make your association better and more relevant in today’s business environment.



KDA has represented various clients, including retail trade associations, professional organizations, large manufacturing corporations, energy companies, and major food retailers.


All lobbying firms in Michigan can get you a meeting with the “right” person. The key for any organization is what is your lobbyist doing after that meeting. Although there are many good firms in Lansing we believe our approach is a time tested model that meets the needs of our clients.


The KDA philosophy is rooted in three principals: coalition building, a strict no-conflict of interest policy, and a team approach.


Coalition Building

KDA is not the type of multi-client firm that “buys” its way into offices.  Instead, KDA takes great pride in its ability to build coalitions and earn trust and respect from policy leaders from honest, hard work, and communicate effectively with our clients and policy makers.


Conflicts of Interest

KDA believes it can only represent the interest of our clients if they have no concern about potential conflicts of interests. Before you sign a contract with KDA you will review our client list to ensure you have no concerns about who we represent. Additionally, as a KDA client you can be assured that our loyalty remains to you and that we are not seeking the “bigger fish.”


The Team Approach

Because KDA has no conflicts of interest with clients we take a team approach to lobbying. This means that the entire lobbying team will know the ins and outs of your needs as a client. As a client you can be assured all KDA lobbyists are working to achieve your goals.


Kindsvatter, Dalling & Associates, Inc. (KDA) is a strategic initiative governmental relations and full service association management firm with a seasoned professional staff whose primary goal is providing clients with business management services and legislative representation at the state and national level.


Unique in the firm's approach to client service, KDA recognizes that complete service means more than scheduling meetings with Michigan’s opinion leaders or for the association’s members. KDA believes in a partnership with all of its lobbying and association management clients. We succeed when you succeed. KDA believes in creating a strategic plan for reach individual client in order to best meet the client's goals. When KDA handles the management and legislative affairs of an organization, we achieve results.


Our clients benefit from KDA’s aggressive public relations program that translates into a politically active membership, able to influence legislative response to the organization clients and association’s needs. KDA understands successful companies and associations today use dependable organizational management, strong public relations, and proactive legislative action to achieve organization and association goals, attract new clients or members and retain present clients or members. This results in a strong and influential organization or association.


We supply the solutions to our clients’ problems.


KDA has the best and brightest in every field. This strong team is the backbone of everything we do.

Derek Dalling

President and CEO

On any given day: Derek oversees the firm and its personnel.  He serves as Executive Director of several statewide associations and a national association.  His duties include lobbying where he specializes on energy, transportation, insurance, regulatory affairs and healthcare related topics.


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Matthew Solak

Vice President

On any given day: Matt serves in the Executive Director capacity for five state associations while managing KDA staff to ensure the clients’ goals are met. Additionally, you can find Matt “working the tiles” at the Capitol on behalf of his lobby clients.



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Jason Wadaga

Vice President of Governmental Relations

On any given day: Jason serves as KDA’s lead lobbyist. He can typically be found in legislative meetings, committee hearings and at legislative session representing KDA’s lobby clients. He also serves as the Executive Director for three of KDA’s association management clients.



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Geri Root

Director of Events

On any given day: Geri is planning and coordinating meetings, conferences and events for five KDA clients.








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Melissa Travis

Graphic Designer

On any given day: Melissa creates a variety of materials for KDA clients such as conference promotions, newsletters and logos.







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Michelle Dishaw

Membership Services Director

On any given day: Michelle manages the membership and event registration for seven of KDA’s association management clients, primarily focused on podiatry. She handles dues invoicing and processing, event registration, database management, and membership recruitment.


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Denise Stone

Financial Director

On any given day: Denise performs bookkeeping functions for KDA and for a portion of the firm’s Non-Profit clients. She works closely with the appropriate representative of each client’s Board of Directors, with Bank officials, and with various accounting firms.


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Erin Dalling

Financial Administrator

On any given day: Erin provides dues processing, invoicing, bookkeeping, and financial oversight for KDA’s association clients. Additionally, Erin manages PAC oversight and filings for all KDA clients.





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Matt Lantzy

Membership Coordinator

On any given day: Matt manages the membership and communications for five of KDA’s association management clients, primarily focused on propane. He handles dues invoicing and processing, event registration, database management, research and communications.


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Trina Miller

Executive Assistant

On any given day: Trina is ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of KDA. Including performing a variety of highly professional and administrative duties such as reception and administrative support services. Trina is always working to support KDA and its clients.



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Lauren Washburn

Event and Education Manager

On any given day: Lauren is planning events and conferences for seven KDA clients.








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Christian Kindsvatter

Founder/Of Counsel

On any given day: Chris is operating Eaglenest Farm of Indian River, Michigan with his wife Lori and son Kaleb. Additionally, Chris provides tremendous historical guidance to KDA staff on how to successfully manage and operate state associations.



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