KDA specialized in association management. We can operate your association organizational and day-to-day activities. KDA handles a multitude of tasks on behalf of our industry association clients. KDA manages the data bases, finances, board meetings, member meetings, education seminars and conventions of many of our clients. We offer experienced, highly professional staff for any and all of the normal functions and needs of organizations that conduct business on behalf of their industry, under the leadership of industry volunteers on the board and in the committees. KDA works with association members to fulfill the full range of selected programs to suit their industry needs.

What makes KDA's Association Management different than our competitors?

KDA believes in a philosophy, that we can only be effective if we have earned a close, personal trust and relationship with you. This is demonstrated in our team approach to association management. Many firms provide associations with one staff person who handles all association functions. KDA provides its entire association management team for every client with each staffer being responsible for their area of expertise. This provides a better product for our clients as experts are handling every aspect of your association’s affairs.

Finally, KDA seeks clients that want their association to grow, innovate, and take the next step in the level of services they are providing its membership. KDA doesn’t want to just manage your affairs. KDA wants to integrate into your association and help make your association better and more relevant in today’s business environment.